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 This is a website that's all about the dogs that visit the Farmer's Market! The market that we frequently visit is in Downtown Des Moines, IA. It is a huge farmer's market with a great atmosphere.  

I want everyone to post pictures or stories about their dogs (or anyone elses that you admire) at the farmer's market, the more posts the more interesting it will be. Eventually there will be contests and captioning games. 

Please visit the different links and post a comment or picture!

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Summer is upon us and the market is thriving with people, dogs, and plenty of food

+Photo assignment 

-pics of your dog with flowers


-pics of your dog with your favorite food

Please email us with any pictures, ideas, favorite dog related quotes, or comments!  Any ideas for contests are welcome.  This is a new site so am open to any fun new ideas :-)
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